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Each ad campaign is a GAME GAME SMART CONTRACT

BAZ Token

Each ad campaign is a GAME SMART CONTRACT

P2E Games as an Ad publishing avenue

Multi Platform P2E Games by Brandzle








A blockchain P2E adtech startup founded by blockchain enthusiasts to solve the "ad blind" and "transparancy" problems of advertising industry.

Brandzle will launch various P2E games in multiple platforms powered by Brandzle's BAZchain / BAZ utility token. Brandzle's P2E games will have multiple levels with interactive elements within game which will be "branded" elements., which are created by our advertisors by setting up ad campaign smart contracts in ad wizard.

Brandzle extends the utility of earned BAZ tokens., by enabling all Brandzle advertisers to accept BAZ as "redeemable" coupons during eComm / POS purchases by any BAZ holders. Brands can mint their own NFT collections at Brandzle and accept BAZ as fungible token in exact for their NFTs. Join in our Advertiser / Player waitlist and receive more updates.

Utilities of BAZ


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Redeem for Physical Goods Purchases

All Fees in BAZ

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